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Our Society

What is Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti?
Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti is a non-profit organization that is devoted to the cause of “education and health”. It is
registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. It entitled to facilities and exemption under the Indian Income Tax Act
80 (G) and under the FCRA of the Government of India Ministry of Home Affairs.

Objectives of Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti
Children of any country are the key to its future and the quality of education they are imparted  defines how secured that future is. For a country like India where the demography consists of more than 50% of the youth population, this need for education is further emphasized.

Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti is working towards bridging this gap by doing its bit for educating the under privileged children and providing medical intervention to the people living in the rural areas. We believe that the work we have started is a very small step and several such small steps will lead to a bigger change.




  • To provide access to a broad range of educational opportunities which are prime and affordable to the under privileged people of all age groups living in the village and nearby areas and facilitating vocational training to the children to reduce their skill gap without any discrimination.
  • To provide all kinds of free medical facilities to the people living in the areas within the area of intervention of the Samiti, it will set up a charitable medical dispensary for the well being of the people thus promoting awareness towards a sound health.
  • To reduce the rate of illiteracy and eradicate the evils of the society, the Samiti will set up a Library or a Book Bank. All the documents, books and study materials and other resources required or demanded by the people who wish to gain knowledge will be provided by the Samiti according to the prescribed rules and regulations.
  • To impart skill based training to the women and girls living in villages by organizing various vocational training and literary programs for their educational and economic empowerment.
  • To set up an athletic track equipped with all the necessary facilities for women and girls to ensure their proper sports training.
  • To prepare and operationalize plans and programmes about making rural people aware of education, health and employment opportunities those are available under the Village Development Plans and Schemes.

Our programs –

Savtri Soni Vidya Mandir(1989) – A charitable non-profit organization by the name of Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti was conceived and established in 1987 with the aim of providing a high-quality education. To do so, the school Savitri Soni Vidya Mandir was set up in 1989 up to 12th grade with initially only 50 students. Although a vital need of the population in itself, it was perceived as only the first but very important step to eventually achieve the multi-faceted holistic development of the population. Within a year or two the number of students increased and the school was shifted to its present campus.



Smt. Laxmi Todi Charitable Hospital (2008) – Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti provides a hospital with low-cost but quality medical access for the population of villages around Nagauri, Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh. The hospital is currently operating with the medical staff in the following fields: allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, eye care and pharmacy. The number of patients coming daily is about 50 on an average. Monthly eye-camps are being organized for the past several years. The cataract patients are examined and taken by buses to Meerut city for eye-operations done free of cost. This Hospital provides post-operative care to these patients on a regular basis. This program has been successful and effective in controlling the blindness in the rural population of the area.


Skill development Program for Rural Woman’s (2018):

With the belief that vocational Training is necessary for women to empower them and  involve them in other activities other than household work, a free of cost Sewing Training program was organized by the Samiti for the duration of 3 months in which 30 women and girls were given training to help them become self-sufficient and confident. Sewing and basic tailoring skills enable women to work from home, they can continue in their traditional role as homemaker and yet earn.



Women and girls who aspire to become an athlete or want proper sports training have to travel three hours daily to a stadium in Meerut just to practice in a well equipped environment. The Samiti is committed towards building a separate and safe athletic track for them in the village itself so as to provide them with all the necessary facilities for their proper professional sports training by the year 2021.


The samiti will set up a library or a book bank for the students of the village and nearby areas. A quiet and productive learning space will be offered where they can sit and indulge in self study and other related activities. The library will be well equipped with all kinds of relevant study materials and data as required or requested by them.



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We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. There are thousands of rural children waiting to get an education. Come be a part of our mission!

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