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Principal Message
Mr. Pravindra Kumar
SSVM Nagauri

Dear All
It is an honour and privilege to be the principal of SSVM Nagauri,the school that has been serving this locality from1989,the year of its establishment.The school is trying continuously to set the high standards in the field of education, sports, co-curricular activities etc .It is also trying to impart the values & skills so that the students turnout to be successful and responsible leaders in diverse fields.
I am committed not only to maintain the impeccable image and the high standards but also to take them forward to new heights & peaks.
Over the years in this profession, I have learnt from my experience, colleagues, seniors, teachers, elders& mentors.The regular interactions and discussions with the students and their parents have taught me a lot.I understand their expectations and their views.I promise that SSVM would endeavour all things possible to achieve exceptional results in various spheres.
The importance of education in the life of an individual can not be overstated.It shapes individuals in their primitive years and imbues them with values that would decide all their choice in future.We can say it is the quality of education which determine the destiny of individuals and society as whole.

For us at SSVM, education does not mean only providing answers to the queries or questions, it is equipping the pupil with the means to find the answers for himself.Education empowers students to discover themselves,who they are.Every student can be a doctor, engineer,teacher,social worker,lawyer,author, political leader, economist, environmentalist,agriculturist or scientist.We would support and guide them to be what they want to be.We would work aiming to generate civilized and productive humans to serve motherland.
I am fortunate to have an experienced, committed and dynamic team, which has brought the school to its current stature.
We all are focussed and dedicated to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards in all spheres.with the support and guidance of our founder & all members of school management committee,we would work for the growth of SSVM as a standout in the contemporaries for unique character of blending the tradition& roots of our culture with the modernity

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