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A Senior Secondary School, Savitri Soni Vidya Mandir is perched in the lap of nature: amidst swaying sugarcane and mustard fields, just outside Village Nagauri, Tehsil Mawana, District Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The School is located 40 kilometres north of Meerut City and about 120 kilometres north-west of Delhi. Nagauri has 500 households and a population of about 2,000. The School, founded in 1989, caters to 620 students from as many as 31 villages.

It is sheer bliss to spend a winter afternoon on the terrace of the School and to feast your eyes on the rich fields below. All around, you will see the vast greens of mother earth, with your School building and nearby Nagauri being little specks in this bounteous expanse!

The Vidya Mandir is committed to providing outstanding education to disadvantaged students drawn from a variety of castes and communities. At present, it is engaged in a significant make over. It seeks to raise the bar with respect to all aspects of school education. It would like to treat the performing and visual arts as well as physical education as integral parts of the curriculum. It also strives the create the right balance between literacy and numeracy and between education in the sciences, commerce, social sciences and humanities.

Active Learning

Creative teaching techniques to make students more active and engaged while learning.

Expert Teachers

Highly-Qualified teaching staff with years of experience in education and learning

Parents Day

Extra circular activities that allow parents to get involved in the student’s learning process

Music Lessons

Encouraging students to explore new skills and grow their talents through music

A native’s tryst with Nagauri

Savitri Soni Vidya Mandir stands in memory of the late Srimati Savitri Soni of Jagaron (Punjab). Savitriji was a pious individual, always promoting love, harmony and humanity within her extended family and the larger community. The family runs a charitable hospital in its home town. The Soni family supports numerous social and educational projects. The Savitri Soni Vidya Mandir in Nagauri is cherished by them for seeking to provide outstanding education, based on Gandhian philosophy, to the boys and girls living in more than 30 villages around Nagauri.

While the School commemorates Savitri Soni, it was founded by a native of Nagauri who prefers to remain anonymous and no longer lives in that village. A practising mechanical engineer as well as a professor of mathematics at a leading American university, the founder is now 75 years old but continues to be a salaried employee only because he must support the Vidya Mandir. The hardships he faced in his educational journey, especially in remote Nagauri and Mawana, inspired him to found the School; in his words, “to awaken the drowsing soul (consciousness) of the population living in this area by providing them opportunities to have proper education”. The founder explains the history of the School thus:


A charitable non-profit organization by the name of Shree Ram Gram Vikas Samiti was conceived and eventually established in 1987 which, besides providing a high-quality educational institution up to the 12th Grade, was chartered to provide vocational training to largely unemployed rural youth, some form of adult education, and a healthcare facility. In addition, providing guidance, consultation, and financial assistance to the desperately needy rural folk with the objective of promoting economic development was also conceived as an important part of this undertaking. The School was set up in 1989 with only 50 students. Although a vital need of the population in itself, it was perceived as only the first but very important step to eventually achieve the multi-faceted holistic development of the population. Within a year or two the number of students increased and the school was shifted to its present campus.



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